The Feud Is Over: Drake Makes Hilarious TV Sketch With Chris Brown

It seems that the long running feud between Drake and Chris Brown is finally over as the two co-featured in a hilarious sketch put together for the ESPY awards.

The feud, was at a head in 2009 when Brown was convicted of assaulting their mutual ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but it seems the past was forgotten (or at least, put aside) as Drake made a hilarious TV sketch alongside Blake Griffin and Chris Brown.

The comedy sketch was released to promote the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards. The main focus of the video is a mock feud between NBA basketball star Blake Griffin and Drake who play a series of escalating pranks on each other throughout the 5 minute sketch. 

Chris Brown features in the video as Drake is about to have his appendix out and Blake drafts in Chris to do the job. Breezy looks all too comfortable in his blue scrubs holding onto some sharp cutting tools; he then shouts “YOLO!” before putting Drake under.

Blake and Drake and Chris Brown ESPY awards sketch

Chris Brown later appeared on stage with Blake Griffin at the end of the clip, with Drake (who hosted the ESPY awards) tied up backstage.

Truly hilarious stuff, though don’t just take our word for it, watch the full comedy sketch right here:

So it seems that Chris Brown and Drake have come a long was since their 2012 night club brawl in which it was said that Brown sent a $2,000 bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, only to have it sent back with a note which read “I am f*****g the love of your life”.

But it appears as though the boys have grown up and moved on since then. In fact, there have even been whispers that the pair may even be teaming up to record a new song together.

Though something tells us not to hold our breath on that one…

Drake makes hilarious tv sketch 

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What Is The World Coming To: Two Couples Snapped Having Sex Outside El Divino Nightclub

We thought we’d seen it all. First there was Dominic Celaire and the infamous staircase fiasco. Then there was the girl in Mafaluf who went down on 24 guys all for a free drink. Now there are these four, who thought it would be a fantastic idea to have sex in a car park outside El Divino nightclub in Belfast, Ireland.

Nightclub sex belfast car park Caught

This picture was taken by a stunned passer-by and depicts two girls astride two young men, having sex in public, mostly unfazed by their surroundings, one of them even checking her phone.

This snap of these two slightly too intimate couples having what appears to be sex outside El Divino was taken after a student night last Thursday.

El Divino nightclub belfast couple sex outside carpark

While we can’t actually confirm that these girls were doing anything other than innocently straddling two gentlemen with their mini dressed pulled up a little higher than they should be, those on social media had plenty to say about it.

It didn’t take long for the picture to go viral or for the s**t shaming to begin. Hundreds have taken to Twitter to express their disgust. One user Emma Rodriguez ?tweeted “Where’s Jesus when you need him? IMAGE”.

Leonie Miller tweeted “WTF is wrong with young people???????” and another user, Jessica added: “The two couples having sex next to each other in a Belfast carpark surrounded by people – does no one have any shame anymore!”

All in all it’s been a lot of bad press for Ireland as this photo follows the still recent video of a Northern Irish girl performing sex acts on 24 men during a pub crawl in Magaluf, which went viral just a couple of weeks prior to this.

Police said officers are not currently investigating the alleged incident. A spokesman told one newspaper: “We haven’t received any reports and aren’t investigating at this time.

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